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The True Essence of Perfection in Music Editing


Choosing the music to put in the store is really very important and there are some fundamental aspects, which must not be underestimated, to make the right choice.

Radio in the Store

The background music of shops is called "radio in store" and is a subject that creates many doubts and perplexities. The most important questions to answer are always the same:

"What does music really need in a store? Can we do without it? But do not you risk bothering the customer? Can you really give advantages in the store? But cannot we simply turn on the radio?"

Today I want to offer you some ideas and basic tips that will help you create sound and sales oriented music playlists on Fildo Music App.

Ah I did not introduce myself

But let's get back to our topic:

The thought of many stores on music:

In the collective imagination, music in a store serves to accompany customers during purchases, to entertain them or to offer them a valid alternative to silence.

All this is true, but few shops use music as a tool to sell better and more, because they do not know how to do and are often convinced that music distracts the customer's attention, and in fact in some cases they are right. With the fildo music apk the deals come perfectly now.

However, cutting the music because it is believed that it does not work or distract is a serious mistake and is tantamount to giving up an opportunity in terms of sales because:

  • The same customers admit to buying more in the presence of music in 71% of the cases. It positively influences the behavior of the interlocutors during the purchases.
  • The companies offer a sound identity to your store and enhance what you offer.
  • It determines the time spent by customers in sales areas, creating a special climate for them and a relationship of trust between you and them.
  • Music stimulates the re-emerging of positive memories and sensations, ergo predisposes to purchase.
  • Of course all this happens positively if you can create a think playlist. Otherwise you could get the opposite effect and then you could bother customers.

The right strategy to choose music to put in store

We make a premise: Start selling feelings. In-store radio is not a radio; it's a sales tool that uses music. And it is part of the so-called sensory marketing.


So you must try to sell (marketing) stimuli (sensory) through the sound, and before you start know that nobody ever buys rationally.

The archaic part of your clients' brain is "emotionally stimulating". Remember that the human brain is a recorder that stores everything and, if properly stimulated, is able to remember and hear even apparently forgotten situations.

He will associate each sound stimulus with a lived experience, perhaps right in your store.

Choose your Mood based on your Target

The mood is the style of your shop; it is the atmosphere that you breathe inside your store. Each store has its own mood and consequently it’s kind of music.

We'll give you some examples to better explain the concept:

For example, if you're in the sporting goods industry, use rap, hip hop, reggae music. Why? The mood of your customers is lively, energetic and, at the same time, you will keep the time (we will talk about this aspect) sufficiently low.

If you have jewelry you need to make especially the most expensive items. Then search for songs by niche artists, little radio and prefer jazz and swing sounds. It is shown that the less sought after mainstream music is more suitable for costume jewelry.

If you have a shoe store you will need to create a peaceful atmosphere, especially because your customers need comfort and concentration. Keep the volume of the music below the threshold of speech; it will have to be barely perceptible.

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